Grade 1 To 4 Times Tables For Kids



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This application is recommended for ages 4+.Does your Kid find it difficult to Memorize the Multiplication Tables?
Does your Kid dislike the very thought of it?Then, you are at the right place.

A simple and most appealing App for learning multiplication tables, so that your children can learn some maths.

The App lets your child select a adorable theme from the pool of colorful themes.
1 – 10 Multiplication Tables are displayed as Flash Cards.

Its a fun way to help children learn about multiplication.
* Multiplication Table Flash Cards from 1 – 10
* Interesting voice feature to read out the multiplication table number.
* Fresh and Colorful Themes to choose from which draws the kids attention.
* Attractive Illustrations on each and every flash card.
* Christmas,Thanksgiving,Easter,Animal,Aqua and several other interesting themes and illustrations

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